The Dressage Diva

In 2022, The Dressage Diva emerged as a brand catering to the competitive requirements of dressage riders.

Our mission is to offer elegant, reasonably priced, fashionable, top-notch, comfortable, and long-lasting products, enhanced with a touch of sparkle.

Every rider aspires to feel and appear exceptional during competitions, and The Dressage Diva strives to deliver that coveted "Wow" factor and voguish appearance!

We go beyond by curating a selection of distinctive and sophisticated competition saddle pads, as well as accessories like horse competition boots, high-quality crystal browbands, girths, and other eye-catching embellishments.

The focus is not on duplicating what other suppliers already offer, but rather on providing unique and classy designs that stand out from the rest.

The use of premium materials, including designer lace, elevates the overall quality of the products.

With The Dressage Diva, every dressage rider now has the opportunity to embrace their inner "Dressage Diva" and showcase their individuality in the sport.


Bringing Bling Back

Our goal is to ensure you shine and captivate the crowd with a remarkable and awe-inspiring Dressage Diva appearance!

My name is Ricky, and I take pride in being the founder of this brand. Alongside my husband, I reside in a modest cottage nestled on several acres of land, which we share with a diverse and delightful array of animals.

To strike a balance between my passions, I also work part-time as a qualified sonographer and radiographer. This allows me to embrace the harmony between work and personal life, ensuring that The Dressage Diva continues to bring forth its essence of glamour and elegance.

Our Clients Loves Us

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients.

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