Bringing the BLING back into the RING!

Dare to be different in tailored Dressage Diva wear & Accessories with some added sparkle to your ride !


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The Dressage Diva was established in 2022 to meet dressage rider competition needs with classy, affordable, stylish, high quality, comfortable and durable products that are unique with that added “bit of bling”.

We aim to provide not only a stylish and elegant competition shirt line; but also focuses on stocking individual, stylish and elegant competition saddle pads, and accessories such as horse competition boots, high quality crystal browbands, girths and accessories with that bit of shine and to stand out above the rest. At The Dressage Diva we really do want you to stand out and look like a Queen !


We want you to stand out in the ring and our collection... 

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    For those who are new to the equestrian world, there are many things to consider when looking after the wellbeing and comfort of your horse.

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  • What to wear to a Dressage Event?

    We will guide you in choosing the perfect attire for your dressage competition, ensuring you look your best and approach your competition weekend with maximum confidence.

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