It's normal for you have some concerns about an upcoming dressage event. Whether you're gearing up for your first competition or advancing to a higher level, I share your excitement. We will guide you in choosing the perfect attire for your dressage competition, ensuring you look your best and approach your competition weekend with maximum confidence.

Dressage attire for events in Australia typically follows international dressage competition standards. Here's a general guideline for what to wear to a dressage event in Australia:

  1. Riding Attire:

    • Breeches: White or light-coloured full-seat or knee-patch breeches are common.
    • Shirt: A collared white or light-coloured riding shirt. Some competitions may allow for subtle colours.
    • Tie or Stock: A white or subtly coloured stock tie or a white choker-style stock tie.
    • Coat: A dark-coloured riding coat or dressage jacket. Dark blue or black is traditional.
    • Boots: Tall black dressage boots with minimal adornments.
    • Gloves: White or black riding gloves.
  2. Headgear:

    • Helmet: A properly certified and well-fitted riding helmet. Helmets must conform to the current safety standards.
  3. Optional Accessories:

    • Stock Pin: A stock pin can be worn with the stock tie for a polished look.
    • Spurs: If used, they should be appropriate for dressage and conform to competition rules. (View our collection of spur staps here)
  4. Tack: Ensure your horse's tack, such as the saddle, bridle, and pad, is clean and well-fitted.

  5. Grooming: Your horse should be well-groomed and neatly presented, including clipped or braided mane and tail, if required by the event's rules.

  6. Check Event Rules: Be sure to review the specific event's rules and regulations, as there may be variations or additional requirements depending on the level of competition.

Remember that attire requirements may vary slightly between different levels of dressage competition and organizations, so it's essential to check the specific rules and guidelines for the event you plan to attend. Always aim for a neat, clean, and professional appearance to present yourself and your horse in the best possible light during the competition.

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